Cathy and Melissa both turn 40 in 2004!
Cathy in May, Melissa in June.

So the 4 of us met in Mississippi for an all girls' weekend of
fun, laughter, and celebration!

Our itinerary:
Elizabeth, Melissa, and Frannie arrive at hotel at 3 pm Friday
Elizabeth and Frannie decorate the birthday girls' room!
Elizabeth and Frannie can't wait, so they give Melissa her presents
Cathy arrives at 7 pm
We give Cathy her gift!
We go out to dinner at Ruby Tuesday
Back to the hotel to drink Pink Shimmie :)
We crash around 2 am
Saturday am we wake up around 8 am
Cathy, Elizabeth and Melissa go out for breakfast
They return around lunch and we start some pampering!
We finish pampering, and go out for dinner to Outback at 530 pm
Back to the hotel around 8 pm to start on Margarita's and Mudslides!
Let the polishing begin!
We crash around 2 am
Sunday am we woke up around 9 am
Pack, dress, and check out of the hotel and head for brunch
We finish around 130 pm and say our goodbyes to head home!

We are hoping to see Cathy again in a few weeks!


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Melissa Gifts Cathy Gifts The Best Gift Ever!
Birthday Dinner Friday Pink Shimmie Margaritas
Faces Arms Eyes
Random Pampering Footworks -
warning only for those with fat foot fetishes!
Steak Brunch Car Ride Home


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