The happy couple, Ray and Sharon,
stopped in Baton Rouge on their way home
from their honeymoon in New Orleans!
They were accompanied by Bill who is so bright and cheerful!
e all had lunch together at Elizabeth and Alan's home!



Frannie, Barry, Ray, Sharon, Melissa

Bill helped himself to dessert

Bill meets Mardi Gras

Bill found his own fat chick to dance with!

Bill doing the two step!

Frannie, Bill and Barry

Frannie, Bill, Barry, Ray

Sharon and Melissa

Bill likes tart flavors!

Ray, Melissa, Sharon

Frannie and Barry

Frannie and Barry

Elizabeth and Bill

Elizabeth, Bill and Frannie

Sharon, Bill and Melissa

Sharon, Bill and Melissa

Sharon, Bill and Melissa

Elizabeth and Alan

Frannie and Barry

Ray and Sharon. the happy honeymooners!

Barry, Greg and Bill

Greg and Bill!

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