I can't say enough good things about these people and the furniture they make for us.
I encourage you to invest in their product if you have a large person you love in your life!



Peter B's wonderful images - Rundekunst

Ian's gorgeous ladies - Ianardo

Janet Rotenberg - fun loving fat chicks

Beauty as seen by Paul Delacroix

The Art of JNESS

Wilson Barber's link to art and collectibles



Size Acceptance:

Big as Texas
The most wonderful weekend event held each March in Texas!
I highly recommend it and would love for you to join us there!


International Size Acceptance Association


BBW Belles



Fit and Fat:

A Fit Image
I buy all my exercise balls from Amy!
Tell Amy Frannie aka Pear sent you for a 20% discount
off all non special priced merchandise!

Women of Size Fitness Class (I am the background gal)



Better Half
Big Bad and Beautiful
Big Girl Gear
Big on Batik
Catsuit Corner
Just My Size
Love Your Peaches
Making It Big
Myles Ahead
Peg Lutz Plus
Plus Size Clothes Shop
Plus Size Outlet
Plus Woman
Rogers Wear
Sandie's Boutique


Barb's Large and Lovely

Bigger Bras

Decent Exposures



Seat Belts for Every Body

Fat Activist Task Force


Fat Collectibles:

Chunk eBusiness


Things Big Folks Need:




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