Workout January 2003


We might be big girls, but we still exercise regularly!

We are fortunate to have a Fitness Center that offers specialty classes for women of size.
Melissa is a certified aerobics instructor, and a certified water aerobics instructor.
We are so proud of her!

Elizabeth; Batik shirt
Frannie; Floral shirt
Hope; Gray shirt
Melissa; Black shirt

Fitness Center Staff
Katherine, beautiful blonde in black pants and white top, who is showing Frannie a new routine
Carol in the background with the beautiful red hair when Frannie and Elizabeth are on the bench!


After the workout, we headed back to Elizabeth's house, and an afternoon of shopping,
we headed back to Elizabeth's house to unpack some boxes from her recent move.
We all crashed and took a nap, but somehow; only pics of Frannie were taken (and with my camera no less!).
Enotris loves to rest on my chest!